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Beezig has added more than 50 new modules related to The Hive server. Modules/Items are short strings showing custom information, like ping or fps. Of course, these are available for both 5zig items and LabyMod items. Most of our modules feature settings, to customize your experience even more. Modules will only show when relevant, for example when you are in the equvivalent game.

How to edit modules


For LabyMod, our modules are just where all the other modules are: LabyMod Settings --> Ingame GUI.

Select your Gamemode and start turning on the modules you want. When clicking on their respective gears, you enter the module settings, where you can change information for some of our modules.


With 5zig, all modules are enabled and added by default.

For 5zig, to configure, go to: The 5zig Mod.. --> Customize Display...

Here, a module is a folder containing items. New modules should have been added, if not click Add new Module.... To view the containing items, select your module and click Settings... and Items....

Here you can also edit the items and access their settings.

All modules

This list is valid for Beezig 6.0

If you are playing on another version, this information may have changed. Run /beezig to get your version.