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New commands are one of the huge additions to the user-experience. We added over 40 additional commands, which are explained below. (In alphabetical order) You will find a list of all the commands included with the plugin, along with a detailed description of their usage and purpose.

Tab-Completion available with BeezigForge!

Most commands feature tab-completion, which lets you easily enter names or other values. Still, this feature will require the BeezigForge addon!

All commands

This list is valid for Beezig 6.0

If you are playing on another version, this information may have changed. Run /beezig to get your version.

All 'game' or 'mode' terminology used requires the shortcode of the game to be used.


For chat setup, most maps are specified in the format mode_map & Spaces are replaced with _. Special characters (colons etc.) must still be added!

Example: /autovote add TIMV_Hermit_Sands:_Classic

Example: /autovote add timv_mineville:_classic

[param] is a mandatory parameter, while (param) is optional.

AddNote TIMV

Adds a small text note to your Trouble in Mineville notepad, viewable by /notes.

  • Syntax: /note [note]
  • Alias: /note, /addnote


If enabled, you will automatically say gg at the end of a game. You can customize the text, delay and which games to use on. Run /autogg to see current status. More info on AutoGG on the features page!

  • Syntax: /autogg
  • Syntax: /autogg [text/delay] [value]
  • Syntax: /autogg [enable/disable] [shortcode]


Manges the autovoter. If enabled, we will automatically vote for your favorite maps when you join a lobby. Your favorites are listed via the list argument. Add favorite maps with add/remove. After we checked the voting options, we'll go through your favorites top to bottom, meaning the top map will be checked first. To reorder your maps, use the place argument. More info on Autovote on the features page!

If you have BeezigForge, everything will be done through a GUI instead of chat. Run /autovote

  • Syntax: /autovote
  • Syntax: /autovote list [mode]
  • Syntax: /autovote [add/remove] [map]
  • Syntax: /autovote place [map] [newPosition]
  • Alias: /autovote, /avote


This command will get you information on your current Beezig installation (Version, Client) It will also indicate if a update is available. The commands argument will instead print all loaded commands.

  • Syntax: /beezig
  • Syntax: /beezig commands
  • Syntax: /beezig reconnect


Asks the current online Beezig users to join your party. search requests a party; amount is the amount of players needed. The second parameter specifies the reason of the party. Accept the party by using the exact name of the requester.

  • Syntax: /bparty search [amount] (reason)
  • Syntax: /bparty accept [player]

Example: /bparty search 1 BedWars Duos

Example: /bparty accept ItsNiklass


Calculates which gamemode the most played gamemode is. Use this to find out 'what is their main game?'. This is calculated by using the average top 20 points and comparing it to their points. To get the full list of games, add a second argument (anything). When no player is specified, your stats are calculated.

TIMV & OITC are currently not calculated/considered! Beezig 6.0-pre

  • Syntax: /bestgame (player) (*)
  • Alias: /bestgame, /bg, /maingame

Blockstats HIDE

Prints a list of the levels of all hiding-blocks by the player, sorted by total experience. When no player is specified, your stats are calculated.

  • Syntax: /blockstats list (player)
  • Alias: /blockstats, /bs


Beezig will connect to the Hive Report system and will automatically file a chat-report from ingame. When you run the command, a chatlog will be generated and the report form will be filled. More info on ChatReport on the features page!

This feature only works on the 5zig version. LabyMod handles ChatComponent packets differently.

Only the official chat-report-reasons, as seen on the report form, are valid.

A list of available reasons will be printed in case of a invalid reason.

  • Syntax: /chatreport [player] [reason(s)]
  • Alias: /chatreport, /reportchat


Find out the ping of a player. When no player is specified, your ping is shown. The latency is returned in milliseconds.

  • Syntax: /checkping (player)
  • Alias: /checkping, /cping

ClosestToWR DR

Print information on how PB's relate to WR's and what the difference is. So it shows player's best and worst DeathRun times according to the difference between them and the respective World Records. Either prints best, worst and average, or all played maps (extended) with a second argument (anything). When no player is specified, your stats are calculated.

  • Syntax: /cwr (player) (*)
  • Alias: /cwr, /bestmap

CustomTest TIMV

Manages the custom test messages for Trouble in Mineville. Use add/remove to change your custom list. There are predefined ones. Use list to list all messages. "{p}" will serve as the player.

If you have BeezigForge, everything will be done through a GUI instead of chat. Run /customtest

More info on Custom test messages on the features page!

  • Syntax: /customtest [add/remove] [message]
  • Syntax: /customtest list
  • Alias: /customtest, /ctest

Example: /customtest add Please go into the tester, {p}!


Print information on daily points. More info on Daily Points on the features page!

  • Syntax: /daily (mode)

DeathrunRecords DR

Shows the DeathRun kills and deaths records for player on the specified map.

  • Syntax: /drbest (player) (map)
  • Alias: /drbest, /drrec


Fetches leaderboard data from the API and print a nice leaderboard. This shows main points, rank and network rank. If no mode is specified, the currently played game will be used. Both startPos and endPos serve as inclusive. More info on Leaderboards on the features page!

  • Syntax: /lb [startPos] [endPos] (mode)
  • Alias: /lb, /leaderboard, /leaderboards


With the command you can execute arithmetical expressions in your Minecraft instance. Basic operations are supported, but also roots, powers and more - a small quick calculator. You can only invoke methods from the Math class.

  • Syntax: /math [expression]

Basic operations are supported, for example:

  • /math 5+3 returns 8;
  • /math 5-3 returns 2;
  • /math 5*3 returns 15;
  • /math 5/3 returns 1.66666666667.

However, you can do much more. What you're writing in the expression is pure JavaScript so you can make use of the Math helper class. So, for example:

  • /math Math.sqrt(9) returns 3 (Square Root);
  • /math Math.pow(10, 3) returns 1000 (10 to the power of 3).

All the supported Math operations can be found here.


Simply show the amount of medals of player. When noone is specified, yours are shown.

  • Syntax: /medals (player)


Allows you toggle private messages to player, just like /p does for parties. Just running /msg [player] will toggle the private message mode to player. All your normal messages will get sent in private to player. Doing just /msg will stop automatically sending.

  • Syntax: /msg
  • Syntax: /msg [player]
  • Alias: /msg, /tell


Returns what player is on position on the monthly leaderboards of game. Additional stats like points and calculations are also shown. If no mode is specified, the current game will be used.

More info on Monthly on the features page!

  • Syntax: /monthly [position] (mode)

Use /records (Advanced Records) to find out a players rank.

Notes TIMV

Prints out all notes saved in the current TIMV game via /note

  • Syntax: /notes


Shows the personal best/fastest time time of player on map. Noting specified means your stats on the current map will be calculated. If no map is specified, the current active map will be used (if available).

  • Syntax: /pb (player) (map)


Ranks all the players in your lobby/hub by the points in the game you specified. This will be returned like a leaderboard of your server and makes it easy to indentify the top players in your game (It may take a few seconds!). If no mode is specified, the current game will be used. By default, the main points stat is used. Usually, you can try all stat's listed on /records. (All available stats are tab-able with BeezigForge)

  • Syntax: /playerstats (mode) (stat)
  • Alias: /playerstats, /ps

Example: /ps timv karma/rolepoints


This will print all available ranks and required points for game. (Stored internally!) If no game is specified, the current game will be used.

  • Syntax: /ranks (game)


This command will retrigger the autovote process in your lobby and is used, for example, after editing favourite maps.

  • Syntax: /revote
  • Alias: /revote, /rev


This command allows you to report other players to the moderators, as a test. It will alert all moderators on the Hive Unofficial Discord as well as notifying all moderators using Beezig in their chat. Obviously, as a moderator using Beezig, this feature can be turned off using /settings (MOD_REPORT_NOTIFICATION). More info on Reports on the features page!

On abuse, your permissions may be revoked.

You must wait 30 seconds between reports.

This is not the proper way to report chat offences with Beezig. Please use /chatreport instead.

If the player is offline, you will be required to confirm the username.

You can specify multiple players at once. Splilt them by using ", ". Additionally, you can submit any reason you want.

  • Syntax: /report [player(s)] [reason(s)]

Example: /report RoccoDev, ItsNiklass AntiKnockback, Kill Aura


Joke command for lucky crates.

  • Syntax: /rig


Beezig's commands automatically have priority over Hive's commands. If for whatever reason we are accidentally overwriting a (new) Hive command, you can use this to except your command from our system.

  • Syntax: /servercommand [command]


Shows either when the player was last seen, or in which game the player is, just like on the Hive website.

  • Syntax: /seen [player]


This description is only for 5zig without BeezigForge - See Settings.

Manages Beezig's settings.

Using list prints all available settings with their value and description, similar to Settings. With filter [gamemode] you can filter the huge list to only return specific settings. To change your settings, insert setting and enter either true or false. Make sure to fully type out the setting. (Case-Insensitive!)

  • Syntax: /settings list
  • Syntax: /settings filter [gamemode/global]
  • Syntax: /settings [setting] (true/false)

Example: /settings autovote_random false


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fun command. Either sends the shrug emote or appends it to message.

  • Syntax: /shrug (message)


Simply show the amount of tokens of player. When noone is specified, yours are shown.

  • Syntax: /tokens (player)


Shows the UUID of player. If c is present, the UUID will be copied to your clipboard.

  • Syntax: /uuid [player] (c)


Shows how long you have been on Hive. Additionally shows the time you have been in your party.

  • Syntax: /uptime

Volume BP

Allows you to toggle the volume of Beezig's internal BP jukebox between 0% and 100%. (35% is recommended). More info on the Jukebox on the features page!

  • Syntax: /volume [0-100]
  • Alias: /volume, /vol


Outdated Java! - If you have received a warning on startup & this does not work: How to fix.

Displays the world record (fastest time on on the named map. If no map is specified, the current map will be used.

  • Syntax: /wr (map)


Gives you information about your current/best winstreak in mode. If mode is not specified, the current mode will be used.

  • Syntax: /winstreak (mode)
  • Alias: /winstreak, /streak


Checks if player has once in their lifetime launched 5zig. Not if he is currently using 5zig!

If you instead of a player, specify -a all players in the current lobby will be checked (Similar to /ps).

  • Syntax: /zig [player/-a]
  • Alias: /5zig, /zig