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Welcome to the Beezig Wiki

Beezig is a huge Minecraft Plugin for The Hive (Java), created by RoccoDev and ItsNiklass. It is available for LabyMod and 5zig. Additionally, there is an expansion for Forge clients available - BeezigForge.

Getting Started

  • A short installation guide is available here.
  • To change settings look here.


The Beezig Team has multiple plugins for different versions.

Beezig for 5zig

The original plugin for the 5zig mod. This was the first project, started back in March 2017. It includes all base features. Beezig/Beezig

BeezigLaby for LabyMod

A recode of the original plugin for LabyMod 3 and is essentially the same code. This supports almost all base features and more. This project was started in January 2019. Beezig/BeezigLaby

BeezigForge Extension for Forge

Out of frustration by limited abilities, we created an 'Addon', which acts as an expansion for the normal Plugin with more features. This requires a Forge installation. For 5zig, there is an option in the installer to additionally download BeezigForge. Beezig/BeezigForge

If you are using the LabyMod version, this addon is already bundled in.

Just launch LabyMod in a Forge environment.

Other Projects

Other projects include: